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Interstate Prelude Lyrics

Jesus Is The Bread Of Life, Without Him, You’re Toast
Hallelujah Y’all I Found The Holy Ghost
To Be Almost Saved Only Means That You’re Lost
Sins Are Expenses And Jesus Paid The Cost

These Church Towns They Light Up
These Roads That I Roam
They’re Leadin’ Me Closer To Callin’ Me Home
The Further I Get, The Further I Go
This Interstate Gospel Is Savin’ My Soul
This Interstate Gospel Is Savin’ My Soul

Interstate Prelude Audio


1Interstate Prelude
2Stop Drop And Roll One
3Best Years Of My Life
45 Acres Of Turnips
5When I Was His Wife
7Got My Name Changed Back
8Sugar Daddy
9Leavers Lullaby
13Interstate Gospel
14This Too Shall Pass


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