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Sugar Daddy Lyrics

There Ain’t A Damn Man In Dallas
Who Wouldn’t Put A Ring On My Hand
Red Dirt Queen Of The Palace
I’m Running Through ‘Em Like A Water In Can

My Sugar Daddy’s Got A Pool In The Back
Got A Rifle In The Rack
Of His Cadillac Drivin’ Me Crazy
My Sugar Daddy’s Got Diamonds In His Watch
Got A Boat On The Dock
‘Cause A-Why Not, I’m His Lady
Mmm, Give Me Some Sugar Daddy

There Ain’t A Horse In All Of Kentucky
That I Couldn’t Saddle Up And Ride
I’m Bettin’ On The One With The Heartache
I’m Gonna Break Him In Good Tonight

My Sugar Daddy’s Got Chrome On His Bike
He’s Got Bourbon On Ice
He’s A White Knight Drivin’ Me Crazy
My Sugar Daddy’s Got A Lift Kit On His Truck
He’s As Wild As A Buck
And He Thanks God, I’m His Baby
Give Me Some Sugar Daddy

I Can Come Down From The Mountain
I Can Leave ‘Em High On The Hope
I’ll Let ‘Em Drink From The Fountain
And Leave ‘Em One More Like A Boss

Yeah My Sugar Daddy’s Got The Whole Back Forty
With The Will To Afford It
And He’s Top-Shelf Drivin’ Me Crazy
My Sugar Daddy’s Got A Rhinestone Suit
Got A Snake In His Boot
A Guitar Man, He Persuades Me
Give Me Some Sugar Daddy

If You Want Them Finer Things
(Give Me Some Sugar Daddy)
If You Want Them Diamonds Rings
(Give Me Some Sugar Daddy)
Come On Darling, Do Your Thing
(Give Me Some Sugar Daddy)
Give Me Some Sugar Daddy
Give Me Some Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy Official Audio


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