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Melle Malayalam Movie Songs Lyrics. The movie was directed by Binu Ulahannan. Produced by Joney C. David under the Vista VFX. The screenplay by Binu Ulahannan. Starring Amith Chackalakkal. Music composed by Donald Mathew, Vijay Jacob. The cinematography was done by Santhosh Anima. Lyrics were written by Rajeev Alunkal, Santhosh Varma. Sung by Shweta Mohan, Vijay Yesudas, Dr.Donald Mathew, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi.

Melle Malayalam Movie Songs Lyrics

  1. Konji Konji Pookkum
  2. Hridayam
  3. Melle Manasinullil
  4. Punjappadathe
1Sengarattan PaaraiyulaYuvan Shankar Raja, Ramani Ammal, Senthil Das
2Kambathu PonnuYuvan Shankar Raja
3AlaalaaKailash Kher
4Sooriyarum SooriyanumYuvan Shankar Raja
5Meesa Vecha VetaikaaranYuvan Shankar Raja

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