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Thone Mohangal song lyrics from Adi Malayalam movie. Directed by Prasobh Vijayan. Produced by Dulquer Salmaan, Jom Varghese under the banner of Wayfarer Films Private Limited. Starring Shine Tom Chacko and Ahaana Krishna in the lead roles. Music composed by Govind Vasantha. Thone Mohangal lyrics were written by Sharafu. Sung by Haniya Nafeesa & Govind Vasantha.

Thone Mohangal Song Lyrics

Thone Mohangal Thane Cherunna
Neram Ee Neram Theere Theerathe
Poothi Pokathe Pokam Parake
Dooram Poathe Piriyathe

Paatha Neelumbol Paadam Thalarathe
Paathi Neeyake Paade Vaadathe
Lokam Bhoolokam Vegam Veyilaake
Moongam Namake Kadalaake

Haaram Thammil Cherkkum
Aaro Randaal Nammal
Maaram Nanavaay Murivaake
Venal Vevum Naale
Venam Veray Neele
Padaraam Thanalayi Thanuvake

Thellum Kulu Parayathe Kannil
Thulli Nirayathe Thedam
Kaalam Kattum Jaalam Naam
Chilayadaraathe Kaalil
Chillu Thadayathe Kollam
Ullam Kollum Naanam

Thone Mohangal Video Song

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Cast and Crew

Director:Prasobh Vijayan
Music:Govind Vasantha
Singer:Haniya Nafeesa & Govind Vasantha

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01. Who is the music composer of the song ?

Ans: song was composed by Govind Vasantha

02. Who are the singers of the song ?

Ans: song was sung by Haniya Nafeesa & Govind Vasantha

03. Who is the lyricist of the song ?

Ans: lyrics are written by Sharafu

04. Who is the director of the movie/album ?

Ans: This movie/album was directed by Prasobh Vijayan

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