Once Upon A Time In Ranni Lyrics | Saajan Bakery Since 1962 Movie Songs Lyrics

Once Upon A Time In Ranni song lyrics from Saajan Bakery Since 1962 Malayalam Movie. Directed by Arun Chandu. produced by Dhyan Sreenivasan, Vishak Subramaniam under the banner Funtastic Films, M Star Entertainments. Starring Aju Varghese, Lena, Ranjitha Menon, Ganesh Kumar in lead roles. Music composed by Prashant Pillai. Lyrics were written by Vinayak Sasikumar. Sung by James Thakara. Song released under the Muzik247 official label.

Once Upon A Time In Ranni Lyrics

Once Upon A Time Ranni
His Funny Lady Story
Are You Hungry For A Binos Muthappaaa
Welcome Moree
Veedum Nelson Melson
Welcome Awesome Chayaakadi Layii
Pppa….Pppa…. (4x)

Sajan Bakery (2x)

Family Family
Circus Il Happilyily Happilyily
We Got A Beegara History
Apan Kakkan Pottan

Pppa….Pppa…. (4x)

Sajan Bakery

Pppa….Pppa…. (4x)

Sajan Bakery

Like A Chatti And Pattakalambio
Always Makes Some Noise Saraa
Orroo Rasam…
Stop Is Kolahalam
We Got Some Shame
We Got Some Prize
She Sha Seee
For See Go
Just A Fun (2x)
Annalum Kekkum Cremum Pora
Sweat Sweat

Pppa….Pppa…. (4x)

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