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Kadalazham song lyrics from EMI Malayalam movie. Directed by Jobi john. Produced by Joji Films. Music composed by Sachin Balu. Kadalazham lyrics were written by Subin Unnikrishnan. Sung by Sachin balu, Sruthi Sivadas.

Kadalazham Song Lyrics

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Cast and Crew

Director:Jobi john
Music:Sachin Balu
Lyrics:Subin Unnikrishnan
Singer:Sachin balu, Sruthi Sivadas
Label:Saina Music

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01. Who is the music composer of the song ?

Ans: song was composed by Sachin Balu

02. Who are the singers of the song ?

Ans: song was sung by Sachin balu, Sruthi Sivadas

03. Who is the lyricist of the song ?

Ans: lyrics are written by Subin Unnikrishnan

04. Who is the director of the movie/album ?

Ans: This movie/album was directed by Jobi john

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