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Circles lyrics from Good News Album by Megan Thee Stallion. Produced by produced by Rick Starr Did It & Cool N Dre

Circles Lyrics

Real hot girl shit
(Fuck that nigga)
Hey, hey
Baow, baow

Look, why you wanna do the bad bitch wrong? (Huh?)
‘Bout to make this every bad bitch song (Ayy)
Don’t you hate when you hold a nigga down
Then he switch up on you, turn out to be a clown? (Ayy)
Look (Hey), I ain’t in my feelings with it (In my feelings)
Turn around, poke it out, bitch, get it, get it (Get it, get it)
Turn up on ’em, make ’em kill the noise
We ain’t goin’ back and forth with the lil’ boys

Shh, cut the noise
I ain’t goin’ back and forth with these lil’ boys (Lil’ boys)
I’m a February baby, I’m a big flirt (Big flirt)
I gotta give a nigga space when his feelings hurt (Hey, hey)
Ayy, look, cut the shit
I ain’t goin’ back and forth with a broke bitch (Broke bitch)
Jawbreaker, I ain’t fuckin’ with thе sucker shit (Yeah)
If I cut her off, thеn I mean it and it’s fuck a bitch
The more I ignore you, the more you adore me (Yeah)
Crazy-ass niggas need to come with a warnin’ (Come with a warnin’)
Is he crazy ’bout me or he just crazy? You been trippin’ lately (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga too attached, got him actin’ like a titty baby (Yeah)
Bullet wounds, backstabs, mama died, still sad
At war with myself, in my head, bitch, it’s Baghdad (Yeah)
New nigga tryna come around and play clean (Hmm)
And my clothes fit tight, but my heart need a seamstress (Ah)

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