Jubair Muhammed

Jubair Muhammed is an Indian music director, singer, programmer, songwriter, and stage performer. His debut song, “Kilikal Vanilla”, composed for the film Chunkzz directed by Omar lulu, went viral across the globe. He became popular from his cameo in the movie song ‘Adaar love’ performing the iconic and trending sensational song ‘Manikka Malaraya Poovi’. He was also the person who composed the theme song for Kerala University Youth festival 2018. he has sung and composed not only in films but also in albums, short films, advertisement jingle and for stage programmes in India and abroad. He also composed the song for the film ‘Old is gold’ directed by Prakash Kunjan Moorayil will be released soon.

Early Life
Jubair was born in Attingal, Trivandrum.He did his schooling at Govt H S S Navaikulam, Kallambalam. He graduated from University College, Trivandrum in 2014. After receiving his degree, Jubair decided on pursuing his dream in Music and decided the next few years of his life to make music his career and become a musician.

Following a few setbacks ,after a few years after his struggle in making it in the music industry and running small scale Interior Designing businesses in between and doing ads and background scores for short films, He was given an opportunity to compose songs in an Untitled tamil film, which sadly didn’t see the light of day, due to the production being shutdown.Luckly He was landed the chance to do the ‘Chunkzz’ Movie Promo song from Director Omar Lulu ,which changed his luck for the better. From then on out he was presented opportunity after opportunity in the Music world, still small time the proved to a blessing in establishing himself as a prominent musician in the Malayalam Music field. Jubair has delivered so much diversity in his very first song. Such a promising debut by a composer hasn’t been seen in recent Malayalam cinema history.On April 1 eve in 2018, he released a ‘chayakkada paattu’for the movie ‘old is gold’, a song titled “Vadivaalinu kuthi malathiya puttunde”,under the banner of 4 Color.